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(Content Engagement through Animation at it's Finest)

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The problem with most websites online that are not profitable is that they look outdated and are just purely static like something created in 2009.

NO shopper will trust you enough to swipe out their credit cards and pay for your products if it looks like you haven't been online for over 2 years.

The online world and internet marketing industry witnesses practically the fastest growth and landscape change there ever is, so designs that rocked this space as early as 2014 no longer sells right now.

And you have 2 options...

1Play catch-up

2Or lead the revolution

We prefer to be leaders and that's why we're always pulling in humongous profits from our sales funnels and the latest revolution that's shaking the industry right now unlike anything else we've ever seen before is "Parallax/3D/2D Content and Site Animation".

The technology is changing how webMasters, bloggers, eCommerce retailers and internet marketers get leads and make money online.

But here's aproblem...

Site animation is:

VERY technical:

you need to have real coding skills to be able to pull it off

Super costly:

a standard niche site will cost you around $1,000 to fully animate all of the contents, and that's when you're hiring cheap Indian resources.

Takes weeks to complete:

regardless of your skill level, a professionally done full site animation takes weeks

Basically, animating your site could become a nightmare and most of the solutions in the market that help you get it done automatically have a hefty price tag on them...

And with Origin Builder in the way, we needed to make sure that the websites we and our customers will be building henceforth using Origin Builder will be fully animated and ready to engage visitors easily.

After searching the market for solutions that could get this done effectively with lots of animation options so that you can do it yourself without hiring a coder and still get the same or even better results than hiring a programmer and not finding any...

...We Decided to Build it Ourselves!



The Ultimate Plug 'n' Play Site Animation Solution

Our platform is very simple to use...


Install & Activate Origin Engage on your site

Origin Engage works on all Wordpress sites, so all you have is download the plugin and install on your sites.


Select the Page or Post to Animate

The next step is to go ahead and select the page or post you want to add to animations to, it could be your homepage, blog post, your sales page, your landing page or just about any page/post on your site


Add your Animations to the Page

Now, this is where the real fun begins... select the content (image, video, buttons, text paragraphs, opt-in forms) or whatever on your page that you want to animate, they are over 50 animation options to choose from.


Publish & Engage

Go LIVE and start engaging your visitors, wow them once they land on your site and convert them into paying customers and responsive leads immediately..

Here's Exactly What You're Getting Inside Origin Engage

50+ Animation

Choose from over 50 unique professional animations to instantly make your sites dynamic. Adjust everything from the timing to the start point of each element.

200+ Animation Combinations

There are hundreds of animation combinations you could rolls together to create unique flares

Multiple Animation Triggers

We have multiple triggers such as "hover, on-load, on-click" etc., use

Timing Configuration

Adjust the timings when the animations appear and also how long they animate for to customise the exact motion you want for each element.

Sleek & Easy User Interface

The Origin Engage plugin has a very simple and easy to use interface, there are no complex options.

Ready in 2 Minutes

Using Origin Engage, you can animate a whole page within 2 minutes. Faster than even the world's smartest CSS programmer could do it.

No Coding Skills Required

You don't need to be a programmer or know a thing about CSS styling to get this done, everything is just plug n' play - ready made for you.

Works with all Wordpress Sites

Origin Engage is a post production tool which means it works on every wordpress theme and page builder. Use it with all the coolest and latest themes and page builders!

Mobile Responsive

Works on all devices and the animations you create also play incredibly on tablets and even smartphones! Animations the way you want them available everywhere!

24/7 Support

Got a question? Our friendly support staff are here to help you with any questions or queries you may have and if you'd like some quick answers we also have a range of FAQ's!

Finally, you can start professionally animating your sites and creating very powerful visitor engagement in minutes with zero coding skills immediately.

This will work hand-in-hand with Origin Builder sites to create profit pulling machines for you.

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